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License plates fortifications
Wholesale trade for companies!

(no individuals)

Made out of polystyrol black. No drilling holes or screwing necessary, because of the simple click-system.

Your data, for instance the name and logo of your company, can be placed on the lower part of the fortification in sieve-print or in relief.

Some samples:

Art. no. 2401: with advertise-strip
520,490 of 460 mm
Art. no. 2402: without advertise-strip
520 of 460 mm
Art. no. 2403: borderless on top
520 mm
Art. no. 2410: "Clever1" black
Art. no. 2411: "Clever2" with silver border
Art. no. 2412: "Clever3" Clever3" with white border
Art. no. 2406: for bicycles, trucks and off the road: (h=200 mm, L=220, 250, 280, 340 mm)

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