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Aluplast - Plastic spouted
Wholesale trade for companies!

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Nameplates, rating-plates, informative signs of ALUPLAST® are made of high quality plastic materials with high relief characters. The raised characters and the border are permanently metallized with chrome or aluminium.
Since the plates are injection-moulded from metal moulds, constant outer dimensions and distances between fixing holes are guaranteed.

ALUPLAST® plates can be efficiently fixed by:

- self adhesive films of 0,13 to 0,9 mm. thickness on the back
- by pins moulded on the back
- by fixing holes for screws or rivets.

Depending on the customer's requirements, the ALUPLAST® plates are available with a temperature resistance from -30 to +110 Celsius.

Our toolroom with its modern CNC-engraving and milling machines makes sure that we produce high-quality nameplates with economical injection moulds.

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